About the Blog

This blog is a part of an ongoing project to learn and teach the history of North America from an indigenous perspective. Although it could be said to have started as soon as I first began learning about the past as a child, the project began in earnest in 2012, when I started reading about North American indigenous history in a more systematic way.

Initially, I wanted to write a book that would describe North American history from an indigenous perspective in a way that would be accessible to non-academics. As I started learning more, however, I realized how enormous a task that was, and decided that for now, a blog might be a better fit. While I still have dreams of eventually creating a book, this blog will be a place to write about what I’ve learned and read as I continue my journey.

My hope is that by writing this, I can help indigenous people to learn more about our history and reclaim it as our own.

The image header is a public-domain photo taken on the Garden River First Nations Reserve in Ontario by Corey Adcock.


2 thoughts on “About the Blog”

  1. Gian Atam Kaur said:

    The book you said you want to write is the book I am looking for! Please begin…it will take awhile…Peace!

  2. What a wonderful project. It looks like you have done quite a lot already. The trick will be to winnow down the mass of information into readable volumes. Best wishes to you. I’ll be following.

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